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Hong Kong, China step up security on Tiananmen crackdown anniversary

Hong Kong boosted security around a park Sunday where tens of thousands of people used to gather for an annual memorial of ...
uk.sports.yahoo.com | 9 hours ago
Hong Kong detains 8 people on eve of Tiananmen Square anniversary

Hong Kong police have detained eight people on the eve of the 34th anniversary of China’s Tiananmen Square crackdown ...
www.independent.co.uk | 15 hours ago
Hong Kong police detain eight people on eve of Tiananmen anniversary

Police say four arrested for ‘seditious’ acts while a further four taken away on suspicion of breaching the peace ...
www.theguardian.com | 12 hours ago
Hong Kong mall murders: 2 victims of brutal knife attack lived ‘just 300 metres’ from Abby Choi village house

Pair said to have shared space with a couple in three-storey property in village at which remains of model Choi were found in ...
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Hong Kong fund management company prepares £100m listing in boost for London

A Hong Kong-based professional services firm is preparing to list its fund management arm in London, as the City’s stock ...
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Hong Kong equities rally driven by internet stocks

The rally on Friday was led by Chinese internet stocks, with the Hang Seng Tech index jumping 5.3 per cent. Tencent and ...
www.ft.com | 1 day ago
Arrests and tight security in Hong Kong on Tiananmen anniversary

HONG KONG/TAIPEI (Reuters) - Hong Kong police said on Sunday they had detained eight people near a park, four of them for "seditious intention and disorderly conduct", as authorities tightened ...
uk.news.yahoo.com | 4 hours ago
Hong Kong police step up security at Victoria Park on June 4 anniversary; former vigil organiser goes on hunger strike

Significant police presence observed around site for past vigils marking anniversary of 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.
www.msn.com |
Sky highs: six of Hong Kong’s best rooftop bars

But pitch yourself on a Hong Kong rooftop and you’ll know exactly where you are. A rooftop drink, even if charged at the ...
www.ft.com | 6 days ago
Theatre in democratic Taiwan stages Hong Kong play about Tiananmen square

Taiwan's Shinehouse theatre group, with the support of rights group Amnesty International, is putting on six performances of ...
www.msn.com |
Breaking News LIVE: Tiananmen anniversary today, stringent security in Hong Kong

Today is the 34th anniversary of bloody crackdown Tiananmen Square by Chinese authorities in 1989. While there are no reports ...
www.financialexpress.com | 2 hours ago
Two women stabbed to death in mall knife attack that has shocked Hong Kong

Two women have been stabbed to death in a Hong Kong mall in a frenzied – and apparently random – attack that has shocked a ...
www.msn.com |
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